What is Cadillac Super Cruise?

Cadillac Supercruise steering wheel


Cadillac Super Cruise technology allows you to experience high-precision hands-free driving on more than 130,000 miles of LiDAR-mapped highways and interstates in the U.S. — and more miles are being added every day. The technology is available on new models like the CT4, the CT5, and the Escalade — and many more models will join the hands-free driving Cadillac fleet within the next few years! That means there’s never been a better time for Sicklerville-area drivers to find out how the system works.

How Does This Cadillac Hands-Free Driving System Work?

GM has said that they want Super Cruise technology to facilitate hands-free driving up to 95% of the time, and they’re getting closer and closer to your goal. Here’s a detailed look at how Cadillac hands-free driving really works:

  • Before you ever get behind the wheel, Cadillac creates highly detailed precision LiDAR maps of roads where the feature will be enabled.
  • This data is combined with GPS information—along with data from your vehicle’s cameras and sensors—in order to predict the flow of the road and help you reach your destination safely.

By mapping their Super Cruise roads in advance, Cadillac has created a hands-free driving technology that works “better than Tesla’s Autopilot”. That’s according to the experts at Motor Trend, who have hands-on experience with both systems.

Of course, Cadillac has always been a leader where innovative driving technology is concerned. If you’ve ever experienced Magnetic Ride Control on the roads of Williamstown and Mullica Hill, then you already know exactly what we mean.

How to Activate Super Cruise

So, you’re in a vehicle that possesses Super Cruise technology and OnStar Connected Services. You’ve made your way onto a highway that has been mapped out for Super Cruise in advance. How do you activate the feature and enjoy hands-free driving in your Cadillac? It all starts with Adaptive Cruise Control:

  1. Activate Adaptive Cruise Control by pressing the button on your steering wheel. When you set your speed, the indicator will change from white to green.
  2. If you are on a road that has been approved for Super Cruise driving, and all of the independent conditions are met, the Super Cruise indicator will appear in white on your dashboard.
    • These independent conditions include visible lane markings, available GPS data, an absence of system faults, and an attentive driver.
  3. After the Super Cruise indicator light appears in white, you can press the Super Cruise steering wheel button to engage the feature. Do not remove your hands from the steering wheel until the light bar—which should appear on your dashboard immediately—turns green.
  4. Once engaged, the system will control your speed, create adequate distance between your vehicle and others, and keep you centered in your lane.
  5. Lane Change on Demand technology is new for 2021! Just set your turn indicator, and the system will find a time and a place to move you into your lane of choice.
  6. You can resume normal driving by pressing the Super Cruise button or applying the brake.

When Not to Use Super Cruise

Although Cadillac Super Cruise is powerful, human involvement is required in conditions when the system can’t perform at its best. Here’s when you should take control:

  • When you’re not separated from oncoming traffic
  • Whenever driving conditions are uncertain or difficult
  • Whenever lane markings are difficult to see or conditions are obscuring your visibility
  • Whenever you enter a construction zone or a tunnel
  • When road conditions and inclement weather are working against your
  • When entering and exiting the freeway

Although you shouldn’t tow a trailer while using Cadillac Super Cruise, this capability will be coming to select GM models before the next few years are out.

Experience the Cadillac Super Cruise at Cadillac Of Turnersville

If you’re ready to enjoy a smoother, more enjoyable drive, you can’t go wrong with Cadillac. If you’re ready to experience Cadillac Super Cruise for yourself, contact us today to set up a test drive! In fact, if you prefer, you can even shop and buy online.

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