How to Reset Tire Pressure Light

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If your TPMS light is on, despite having just reinflated your tires, it’s likely that you just need to reset your low tire pressure light. Take a moment to learn about how to perform a Cadillac tire pressure monitoring system reset, and then, if you’re still having issues, reach out to the Cadillac Of Turnersville service department for help! 

Steps to Reset Your Low Tire Pressure Light 

If your tires are over- or under-inflated while driving on Sicklerville streets, your TPMS light will go on. In most cases, properly inflating your tires will cause the light to turn off. However, in some cases, you may need to perform a Cadillac tire pressure monitoring system reset. Take a moment to review the steps of how to reset your tire pressure light below: 

  • Get on the highway and at or above 50 mph for ten minutes. This will often cause your sensor to reset.
  • If this doesn’t work, turn off your vehicle. Then, put the key in the “On” position without starting the car. Then, hold your TPMS reset button until your tire pressure light blinks three times. After the third blink, release the button. Start up the engine and let the car idle for 20 minutes. If you don’t know where your Cadillac tire pressure monitoring system reset button is, it’s frequently located underneath your steering wheel. If you’re unable to locate it, consult your owner’s manual.
  • If this doesn’t work, try inflating your tires to 3 PSI above the recommended level. Then deflate them all the way. Once you’ve deflated them, inflate them to the recommended tire pressure. 
  • Another method involves disconnecting your positive battery cable with a wrench. Once the cable is disconnected, honk your horn for 3 seconds. This should discharge the remaining power in the vehicle. Once you’ve done so, reconnect the positive cable.

What Does a Flashing Tire Pressure Light Mean? 

If your tire light is flashing, as opposed to emitting a steady light, it likely means that there’s either an issue with your battery or that one of your sensors is having an issue. In this case, it’s possible that your TPMS light will remain on, regardless of the PSI levels in each of your tires. If you’ve attempted to reset your low tire pressure light to no avail, find a service garage near Williamstown for an inspection 

Is Your TPMS Light Still On? 

If you’ve followed our steps on how to reset your tire pressure light, and you’re still unable to your low tire pressure light, reach out to Cadillac Of Turnersville for help in Turnersville. Just give us a call at (856) 672-5049 to get in touch with our mechanics for help, and don’t forget to explore our service specials to see if there are opportunities to save! While you’re here, take a moment to explore our service and parts tips for other informative guides, including our overview of how to check tire tread depth.

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