How to Clean a Car Windshield Inside

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If you regularly commute from Williamstown to Sicklerville, then you know how important it is to maintain a clear view of the road. While windshield wipers can help clear the outside of your window, keeping your windshield clean on the inside requires planning ahead. Luckily, our service team is here to help you learn how to clean a car windshield inside in just a few easy steps. We always hear questions like, “Can you use Windex on car windows?” or “How to clean car windows inside?” and we’re ready to help. Below, our team will teach you everything you need to know about windshield care!

How to Clean Inside Car Windows

If your view of the Turnersville streets is a bit fuzzy, follow these steps to learn how to clean inside car windows:

  • Start by wiping down the glass with a microfiber cloth. This helps to remove grime and dirt sitting on the windshield.
  • Next, spray your preferred type of glass cleaner directly onto the microfiber cloth and wipe the inside of the windshield. While this should remove the remaining substances lingering on your windshield, you’re not quite done yet. 
  • Pour some rubbing alcohol onto another fresh microfiber cloth and wipe the inside of the window. This step prevents grease buildup and offers better visibility.
  • Complete one more round of cleaning the glass and polishing it with rubbing alcohol to complete the job!

Can You Use Windex on Car Windows?

So, can you use Windex on car windows? Yes, you can safely use Windex to clean car windows. While some may steer you away from using Windex with ammonia, there is no evidence that this cleaner damages windows – tinted or otherwise. If your windows were tinted by a third party, you may want to play it safe and avoid using Windex when cleaning your windows. While Windex is a great window solution, don’t use it as a general cleaner for your car’s interior. Windex can dry and discolor leather seats. If you need guidance on how to properly clean all of the surfaces in your vehicle, our team will be happy to assist!

More Car Windshield Cleaning Tips

If you still notice spots on your windows after cleaning, explore these tips:

  • If you generally use paper towels when cleaning your windows, swap in a microfiber cloth instead. Paper towels leave behind paper fibers and can produce a streaky finish. 
  • Work with a reach-and-clean tool to get the corners of your windshield. 
  • Wipe with a circular motion to clean, then use vertical wipes at the end to remove streaks.

Rely on Cadillac Of Turnersville for Car Care

Now that you know how to clean your car windshield inside, you can take on this DIY project in your own Mullica Hill garage. However, if you’re working on something that’s a bit more in-depth than learning how to clean a car windshield, you can schedule service with us to let the professionals handle the job! If you have any lingering questions about caring for your vehicle, contact us at your convenience.

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