How to Check Your Transmission Fluid

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Did you know that most transmission-related problems result from the accumulation of dust and grime, entering the vehicle from the outside? Even those who learn how to check their transmission fluid the right way risk introducing all sorts of damaging particles when they open up the hood. 

That’s why Cadillac vehicles are now built with sealed transmissions–partially ‘closed-off’ transmission boxes that have no dipstick and no means for performing manual check-ups at home. If you think there’s something amiss, don’t wait to schedule service. Here’s a brief overview of what we’ll cover below:

  • If you don’t see a dipstick under the hood, you’re likely dealing with a sealed transmission.
  • You should flush a sealed transmission’s fluid every 30,000 to 50,000 miles, but you don’t need to check your levels on a monthly basis.
  • There are a number of signs that can indicate a lack of transmission fluid, and they can tell you if emergency service is required.

Checking Transmission Fluid: Is Your Transmission “Sealed”?

If you can’t find a transmission dipstick under the hood, it’s very likely that you’re dealing with a sealed transmission. The vast majority of Cadillac vehicles have employed this technology for more than a decade because of the benefits that it offers to busy drivers, like those in Williamstown and Sicklerville. Check your owner’s manual or give us a call to be certain.

Although it is possible to learn how to check the transmission fluid in a model with a sealed transmission, it certainly isn’t recommended. You’ll need a lift, a full set of tools, and a lot of know-how–and even then, you risk doing irreparable damage. 

How Often Do You Check the Transmission Fluid in a Sealed Transmission?

There’s no easy way to check the transmission fluid in a sealed transmission on your own, but we’d be happy to take a look whenever you visit us for service. Although other service fluids should be checked once a month, the likelihood of fluid escaping from a sealed transmission is very low. So, how often do you check your transmission fluid if you’re dealing with a sealed transmission? It’s no secret: regular checks of your transmission fluid are inessential.

Instead, be on the lookout for the following warning signs and schedule service if you notice any changes:

  • Strange noises during gear shifts are generally red flags.
  • Slow or unsatisfactory shifting performance is also often a result of low fluid.

How Often Do You Flush the Transmission Fluid in a Sealed Transmission

The development of the sealed transmission was part of a drive to introduce ‘lifetime parts’. Despite the name, a transmission fluid flush is still recommended every 50,000 miles or so

A trained technician at our service center will be able to lift your vehicle, open up the sealed transmission, and replace the fluid with an absolute minimum of risk. Since they’re sealed off, these transmissions tend to perform according to factory standards for much longer than their unsealed counterparts. That’s why they’re called lifetime parts.

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