Do Electric Cars Use Oil?

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If you’re wondering if your electric car is due an oil change near Williamstown, or if electric cars need an oil change, you’re in luck. Your EV doesn’t need an oil change. Take a moment to learn about all of the other things EVs don’t require that gas models do, as well as the maintenances that EVs do require. Then, if you think your EV is ready for maintenance, explore our service specials and reach out to the service center at Cadillac Of Turnersvillefor help! 

What Maintenances Do Electric Cars Require? 

Do electric cars use oil? No. Now that Sicklerville drivers know that electric cars do not need oil and that they’ll never need an electric car oil change, let’s take a look at the service their EVs still require. These include: 

  • Transmission Fluid Changes: Your EV still features a transmission, and its gears need to be properly lubricated, both in order to shift efficiently and in order to prevent wear. Consult your owner’s manual for specifics about your model’s service intervals. 
  • Coolant Changes: Your radiator makes sure your battery and motors don’t overheat, so make sure to top it off with fresh coolant!
  • Brake Fluid Replacement: EVs actually require fewer brake inspections than gas-powered vehicles; however, you’ll still need to keep tabs on your brakes, replacing them with fresh fluid. Again, consult your owner’s manual for specifics about service intervals. 

Electric Vehicle Parts 

Electric vehicles do not need oil because they don’t feature combustion engines. Instead, they use an electric motor. This motor uses magnets to churn the electricity generated by your battery and produce torque, which propels your vehicle forward. Other unique components for EVs include: 

  • Thermal system: This system ensures that your battery and motors don’t overheat.  
  • Charging ports: You’ll use these to charge up the battery of your vehicle.  
  • Onboard charger: This system converts charges you receive from charging stations into the DC power that your vehicle’s battery needs to generate power.
  • DC-DC converter: This system takes that conversion a step farther, transforming the high-voltage direct current (DC) power into the low-voltage DC power that your battery uses. 

Maintain or Repair Your EV at Cadillac Of Turnersville 

Now that you know that electric vehicles do not use oil and that you don’t need an electric car oil change, if you need a coolant change or transmission fluid replacement, call our service center at (856) 672-5049. We can get to the bottom of the issues your vehicle is having affordable, effectively, and efficiently! You can also schedule an appointment online!

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