Are Cadillacs Expensive to Maintain?

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The estimated Cadillac maintenance cost for Williamstown drivers over a 10-year period is between $12,500 to $13,500. These costs may place Cadillac in the top 13% among all automotive brands, but Cadillacs fare well against other elite luxury brands. The fact is, the more lavish the luxury car, the more custom design elements, and boutique parts in its elements. While Cadillacs are expensive to maintain, expensive maintenance is just a fact of life when you’re driving a model as exquisitely designed as Cadillac. 

Let’s take a closer look at Cadillac maintenance costs and whether Cadillacs are expensive to repair. Then, if you’re in need of a tune-up or repair, explore the service specials at Cadillac Of Turnersville and contact our service center for some of the most competitive prices on Cadillac service in greater Sicklerville!

Cadillac Maintenance Costs 

Now that you know that Cadillacs are expensive to maintain, let’s take a look at how those costs break down. Maintenance costs vary by mileage and age of vehicle. The more mileage and the more years under the belt, the more you’ll have to pay for upkeep. 

Location can also have a big factor. If you live in Philadelphia, you’ll be driving in stop-and-go traffic, which is going to wear your model out a bit faster. If you live in the Pine Barrens, you’ll spend more time driving on open roads, which is going to be a bit easy on your Cadillac. What’s more, some models are easier to maintain than others. For instance, a Cadillac CTS or STS is going to cost less to maintain than a heftier Cadillac Escalade SUV or Escalade ESV. 

Cadillac Maintenance Schedule 

Mullica Hill drivers should always consult their owner’s manual for specifics about their particular model’s Cadillac maintenance schedule. On average, however, Cadillacs receive an oil, engine air filter replacement, tire rotation, and multi-point inspection every 7,500 miles. At 22,500, your model will receive a cabin air filter replacement alongside the other staples of regular Cadillac maintenance. Bear in mind, however, that the maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual will be custom-tailored to your model. 

Are Cadillacs Expensive to Repair? 

As we mentioned earlier, Cadillacs feature custom designs and a number of high-end parts. However, this is typical for elite luxury vehicles, all of which will be expensive to repair. The good news, however, is that Cadillac offers one of the most generous warranties in its class. Most elite luxury brands offer minimal coverage, but Cadillac provides you with 4 years/50,000 miles of coverage, so Cadillacs are quite affordable to repair for the first 4 years of ownership! 

A Word to the Wise 

While Cadillacs are expensive to maintain and Cadillacs are expensive to repair, they can also be strong investments. When you regularly maintain your Cadillac, its rate of depreciation slows down dramatically and its longevity is boosted. In essence: regular maintenance pays for itself when it comes time to sell, and it’s more expensive to loosely maintain your vehicle than it is to regularly maintain your vehicle when you factor in depreciation. 

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