2020 Cadillac XT5 Vs 2020 Lexus RX 350

2021 Cadillac XT5 driving on snowy road


Price: $44,095 MSRP
Wheelbase: 112.5 inches
Turning Radius: 20.2 feet
Roadside Assistance: Up to 72 months
Limited Slip Differential: Available
Genuine Leather Seats: Available

2020 LEXUS RX 350

Price: $44,150 MSRP
Wheelbase: 109.8 inches
Turning Radius: 22.6 feet
Roadside Assistance: Up to 48 months
Limited Slip Differential: Not Available
Genuine Leather Seats: Not Available

Both the 2020 Cadillac XT5 and the 2020 Lexus RX 350 have plenty to offer the South Jersey, NJ region’s SUV drivers, and they’re offered with similar starting prices. However, that doesn’t mean that these two luxury vehicles are equals. We think that any driver who compares the Cadillac XT5 to the Lexus RX 350 is bound to see where the Cadillac comes out ahead, and we’ve put together a short guide with everything you need to know.


With starting prices of $44,095 MSRP and $44,150 MSRP, respectively, the Cadillac XT5 and the Lexus RX 350 are near equals from your pocketbook’s perspective. However, Mount Laurel, NJ and Philadelphia, PA drivers should know that Cadillac gives you a nicer ride for your money. Here’s why:

  • Shorter Overall Length: The Cadillac XT5 measures 189.6 inches from end to end. The Lexus RX 350 measures 192.5 inches, making it slightly harder to park when you’re out running errands.
  • Longer Wheelbase: Despite this difference in bumper-to-bumper length, the XT5 actually has a longer wheelbase than its competitor. Its 112.5-inch wheelbase provides a smoother, more controlled ride than the Lexus SUV’s 109.8-inch wheelbase.
  • Tighter Turning Radius: When you compare the Cadillac XT5 to the Lexus RX 350, you’ll see that the Cadillac SUV’s turning radius is just 20.2 feet. This makes it easier to maneuver than the Lexus, which turns with a minimum radius of 22.6 feet.
  • More Cargo Space: Although the Lexus RX 350 is longer, the Cadillac XT5 interior provides much more cargo space! You’ll enjoy 30 cubic feet behind the second row, compared to just 18.4 cubic feet with Lexus. Comparing the Cadillac vs. Lexus when they both have their rear seats laid flat, the difference is almost as striking: 63 cubic feet vs. 56.3 cubic feet.

Even when things get rough, you can count on Cadillac to have your back. Cadillac Roadside Assistance is complimentary with your purchase of a new XT5, and it endures for 72 months with no mileage limit. With the RX 350, your complimentary roadside assistance lasts for a maximum of 48 months. Wondering how this SUV compares to other options in our lineup? Don’t wait to explore the Cadillac XT6 interior or the Cadillac CT5 interior with our team. You’ll enjoy that exceptional warranty either way!


When you think Cadillac, luxury is doubtlessly the first thing that comes to mind. Of course, this reputation for unparalleled quality is well-earned. When you compare the Cadillac XT5 to the Lexus RX 350, you’ll notice that only the former offers the following available features:

  • Limited slip differential
  • Automatic parking assistance
  • Genuine leather seating

With the XT5, you’ll have the option to add an engine block heater, a feature that’s completely unavailable on the Lexus. Additionally, drivers who upgrade with the Cadillac XT5 SUV’s available 3.6L V6 will enjoy higher quotients of horsepower and torque than can be had with the Lexus. Check out the Cadillac XT5 towing capacity to learn more about its performance.


Now that you’ve compared the Cadillac XT5 vs. Lexus RX 350, we know that you’ll be eager to find out what your choice can do. Visit Cadillac Of Turnersville in Turnersville and take your test drive in any new XT5 model today. Considering pre-owned models, too? You’ll love what you find in our used Cadillac SUV inventory.